Our Story


“Our aim is to make each and everyone a Real profitable Trader.”


Who We Are?

The FxForever aim is to TEACH how to make a real profit in Forex and the main and important thing is that this is FREE of cost for everyone. Those peoples, who cannot understand English, they can easily learn forex trading in the Urdu language. We try our best to make forex trading very simple for our users. There are a lot of Traders, who have a good English Skills, but they are still unable to understand forex trading in English words, so that’s why we made a FxForever.com to teach Forex Trading in the Urdu Language. We hope, after watching our Forex Tutorials and reading our Forex Articles, you’ll become a successful trader in some time if you follow us.

Why Don’t we Charge?

There are more than 90% people all over the world, who are just making big losses in forex trading, because, they don’t have enough knowledge about Forex Trading. That’s why FxForever wants to teach Forex Trading free of cost without demanding a single penny. If you correctly follow our advice and learn everything, which we have shown you on our Website, YouTube channel, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and in all our groups then surely you’ll get results.

So why are you waiting for? Create a free account and start learning forex Today.