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The FxForever is an online institute and our aim is to TEACH how to make real profit in Forex and the main and important thing is that, this is FREE of cost for everyone. Those peoples, who cannot understand English, they can easily learn forex trading in the Urdu language. We try our best to make forex trading very simple for our users.
Create a free account on our website and pick any of the available forex course and start watching the Videos also join our Training group on WhatsApp to be in touch with us and with our students.
If you wish to join our free training group on WhatsApp kindly text us on our WhatsApp number so we can add you there. You'll also receive the signals to trade for free.
There are more than 90% people from all over the world, who are just making big losses in forex trading, because, they don’t have enough knowledge about Forex Trading. That’s why FxForever wants to teach Forex Trading free of cost without demanding a single penny. If you correctly follow our advice and learn everything, which we have shown you on our Website, YouTube channel, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and in all our groups then surely you’ll get the results.


We share the weekly and monthly reports of our Trading signal with our clients. The accuracy is 80-90%. But we don't prefer you to follow the signals blindly. First, check out the reports and try some of our signals on your demo account first before applying it to your real account.
If you start trading with XM broker under FXF, you'll get the free access to our VIP group where you'll get the daily free signals. But if you wish to trade with your own broker, You have to pay $50 monthly fee.

What? if i already have an account with XM?
In this case, you can use the 'open an additional account' feature of XM to transfer your old XM account under FXF.
On our Discussion (Free Group) on WhatsApp, we provide daily 1 signal for free for the testing purpose. You can enjoy daily 1 signal for free and for more signals you need to pay the fees or join XM under FXF.
Our Average gain is approx 1500-3000+ Green pips every month but of course, it depends on the market condition. Sometime we gain only 1500+ Green pips and some time it cross the 5,000+ green pips. It's all depends on the market movements.

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