Aamir Raza

Senior Instructor & Leader

He used to work 10 years in IT Sector and for the last five years, he has been associated with Financial Market.

Aamir Raza got the Professional VSA Training from Mr. Sajid Khan Ghori.

Aamir Raza got further financial market training from abroad about high market dynamics as well as the Risk Management Program.

Amir Raza has professional VSA Skills and Wyckoff Method techniques which are delivered from the Basic student to High-Level Institutes like Corporate sectors. Aamir Raza developed the trading strategy and has a high valued skill to enhance it at the executive level.

27/AUGUST/2022 | 3:30 PM

Saturday Technical Analysis

Learn Technical Analysis

In this Free Forex Urdu Webinar, we will discuss the analytical bases to cover, how you can use them, and how they can give you fruitful results in Forex Trading.


Almost all Forex Traders are using the technical analysis to predict the market but still, they are not getting the expected results.


In fact, they are continuously losing money day by day by following “so-called” technical analysis trading setups which they learn from somewhere online for free.


The question is, why it's happening to them?

For example: If a small kid got a key to a sports car it doesn't mean that he can drive like an F1 racer champion just because they have the greatest car, along with having a key of the fastest car they must be fully qualified for it as well. Even though the kid has the right tool but does not have the required knowledge on how to use that tool the result can't be like the one they expect.


The same goes for Forex Trading.

If you don't know how to use those right tools properly, you're not going to have great success in the Forex Trading Market.


That's why the FXF team scheduled this free webinar to let you learn how to use the correct tools in the correct way to avoid common mistakes and produce expected results


We are going to teach the untold things of the following:

- Market Profile