Average True Range Indicator Explained

Average True Range Indicator Explained + TRICK

Average True Range Indicator (Video Tutorial)

Hey, guys, It’s Shoaib here and today In this video I will Explain Average True Range (ATR) indicator. This Indicator will help you to understand the volatility of the forex Market. ATR indicator gives the Stop Loss prices according to the Time Frame and volatility (Market Movement). This stop loss prices will be very safe for your trade and also it tells you about the upcoming movement of the market.

Average True Range Indicator with Moving Average:

Sometimes you notice that the market is moving in sideways / whipsaw / choppy. And in this situation, you are unable to make any good trades as it keeps hitting your stop loss from the both sides. It’s also a headache moment for most of the traders. There are lots of traders who loose their money in Forex because of this sideways movements.

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But Today FXFOREVER will show you a simple trick to get rid of this low volatility movements. It’s really very simple, you just need to put Moving Average of 3 Periods on your ATR Indicator and that’s it. For more information, please watch the above video.


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