gold Daily Analysis for August

GOLD Daily Analysis for August 23 2017

Gold Daily Analysis for August 23 2017: Hey guys, It’s Shoaib Khan here from and today I’ll show you, how you can predict the market yourself and start earning green pips. This is not much hard, believe me. You just need to focus on your training which FXF is already providing you for free and try to practice the each strategy at least 50 times and that’s it.


In this Analysis we used, Moving Average, Support and Resistance Levels and a Trend line to determine the upcoming trend of the gold market. Feel free to apply the same strategy on your own chart and share your result with us. Wish you happy learning my friend <3


FXFOREVER aim is to make each and everyone a Real Profitable Forex Trader. That is why we are not charging a single penny for it and providing you free Forex Training on a Professional Level.

If you have any questions, feedbacks or suggestions please let us know. We love to reply our students. Also, join our Lifetime Free WhatsApp group for the instant answers of your questions.


    1. Shoaib Khan

      Hello Fawad,

      Kindly watch the video, you’ll understand everything about the trend as this video shows everything clearly.

      Also, you can join our training group on whatsapp where you can get the answer of your questions instantly.

      Thank you for commenting here!

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