Stochastic Indicator Explained

Stochastic Indicator Explained from Basics

Hey! guys, It’s Shoaib here and today I’ll explain you Stochastic Indicator which is a part of Technical Analysis Course in Urdu. If you want to get notified before the upcoming trends on the market, The Stochastic Indicator is here to help you!

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What is Stochastic Indicator?

The stochastic oscillator is a momentum Forex Indicator evaluating the closing price of a defense to the selection of the prices over a particular time period. The awareness of the oscillator to the forex market motions is reducible by altering that period or even by using a moving average of the outcome.

The stochastic indicator has two Criteria. The first one is Over-Bought Level and the second is Over-Sold Level. Once the market touches the Oversold level it will hopefully go for an Over Bought level and once it reached the Over Bought level it will again try to touch the Over-sold Level.


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